Whether through keynote speeches, or workshops, Ashley knows how to take an everyday problem and come up with a tactful, intentional solution. She will give you a broken-down, step-by-step process to get you where you need to be.

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When the going gets tough, what do you find yourself doing: persevering, or giving up? Ashley was on her fourth attempt of the Praxis Exam and found herself questioning, “Why am I doing this?” and the answer changed her perspective. She realized the “why” and purpose of doing this was going to be more fulfilling, and she willed herself to pass the test. You have to know why you have chosen your goals in life and make them intentionally. When times get hard, and obstacles are in your way, you have to have an intrinsic motivation to keep going. Ashley realized that some things are temporary, and will educate you on how to maintain a growth mindset through trails in life. Self-Motivation is a personal development course, designed for women who are looking to better their own lives. Ashley challenges you to reevaluate your WHY in your goal, decisions, actions, and purpose.

Ashley has had her fair share of interviews. She knows the best advice to give to a woman who needs to find motivation and confidence before going into an interview. Through life experience of interviews that range from McDonald’s to Job Fairs, she knows how stressful they can be. She will educate you on how to prepare, what to wear, and how to nail the interview with confidence.