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Get ready to hear some heartfelt storytelling of how Ashley overcame difficult obstacles. She inspires, motivates, and educates women to have a desire for change in their life.

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Designed for women who are eager to grow personally, professionally, and mentally. Setting goals has been at the forefront of Fierce Women’s values since the beginning. It is critical to know the direction you should take with your goals, and how you should act on them intentionally. Ashley started setting goals after dropping out of college in her freshman year. She did not want her life to be in a standstill, and by setting goals of going back to college to be a teacher, pushed her to better her life. You will be motivated to take on your scariest, biggest dreams, and make them into your fiercest goal. By the end of this keynote, women will have an understanding of how setting goals can set them up for success. For any woman that needs a self-esteem boost, this workshop is for you. This speech/course will leave you feeling motivated, empowered, and ready to conquer anything. Women will feel motivated to put themselves first, unapologetically, and brave. As a keynote, I will divulge the challenges I faced to be confident in my life, and how I overcame all the haters. If this is in a workshop scenario, you will be practicing the different confident tricks to help propel you to be a confident diva.

Sexual assault is a topic adults do not like to address, but it is imperative that we talk about it. Statistics show that 1 in 3 teen girls and 1 in 4 women experience sexual assault in their lifetime. Women need to know that they are not alone, and what resources they have if they find themselves a victim. Ashley experienced sexual assault during her first year in college. During this speech, Ashley will share her own experiences on how an unexpected turn changed my path and forced me to create goals for her life. Through setting goals and determination, she graduated from Central Washington University with a major in English and Secondary Education and built a platform to empower women to go after their own goals. 

Graduation had come and gone and all Ashley had to do was pass a Praxis Exam. After multiple attempts and failures, Ashley was finally able to start living the dream, teaching. After years of teaching, Ashley realized she needed to dream bigger. Today, she has accomplished teaching for five years at the secondary level, became a motivational speaker, and women empowerment enthusiast. Her story encourages women to go after their biggest goals, no matter what obstacles (even failures) get in their way. Through reflective rhetorical questions posed by Ashley, women immediately start to address the areas in their life where they can push forward. They will shift their mindset to a fierce to live one. A mindset that is living the life they have always envisioned.

When Ashley was in high school, she wanted nothing more to be than independent. From college drop out to College Grad and Motivational Speaker, this presentation is anything but boring. As a teenage girl with big dreams and a third-year high school English teacher, Ashley knows the needs of a high school girl. While understanding wants and needs, Ashley also has a deep sense of how important the relationships with parents are during this transition stage from high school to the real world. Ashley created a warm, encouraging workshop for teen girls and their parents to get the communication going before graduation. She talks about the mistakes she made as an adolescent and encourages them to make the change now. They will be equipped with the skills to make decisions, set goals, and have a vision for their life. Motivating them to grow, learn, and vision a successful future, all with the support of mom or dad. By the end of the event, students will; know who they are and what their strengths are, be able to say what they need, and take the steps to become an individual. Teachers and parents will be able to understand how to communicate based on their needs and how to be proactive in their learning.