Plan For Social Change

The past month has been intense. We have felt a shift in the way “normal” can never be “normal” again. It’s a pivotal turning point in the fight for racial justice, especially for Black Lives. You’ve seen it all:
  • You saw your social media feeds filled with black squares from #BlackoutTuesday.
  • You noticed the NY Times bestseller list chance to anti-racist books.
  • You may have joined a city protest.
  • And you probably had an uncomfortable conversation with family and friends
Visually I saw the posts sizzle away, but my heart still feels the urgency to keep the talk, but most importantly, the actions going.
But HOW should I keep it going?
All of the above actions are powerful. Those things are needed to grab attention, but just like in a teacher’s lesson plan, how do I hold the attention throughout the whole lesson? This movement is more because we have to break something systemic- rooted in the way people live. So that’s why I grasped on to some knowledge from Melyssa Griffin, a fellow educator and entrepreneur coach. She has helped shape my plan. I had encouraged everyone to have a conversation about SMART goal setting and planning, to become intentional about how we will continue this fight for racial justice. With her help, I’ve created a 1-year plan for anti-racism actions. The reason I want to do this is because
  1. I don’t think people will take the time to proactively do this.
  2. To publicly show my, and Fierce Women’s, support for Black Lives Matter. If you support my company or purchase my material I want you to know what kind of company you are supporting, and if what you’re supporting aligns with your values.
  3. Accountability. I’m not here to post one post about racial equality and be done. I’m ready to do the work and take action.
This plan is divided into two parts: Personal (me, Ashley Monroe) and Fierce Women LLC (company methods, material, and events). Let’s dive in to see how Fierce Women will do better.
This section is detailing the actions I, Ashley Monroe, will take in my own life. As the CEO of Fierce Women LLC, I know it’s important to show how I’m prioritizing social justice.
  1. SPEAK UP: I will speak up to event coordinators and facilitators when they lack BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) I don’t want to speak at panels that don’t have diverse inclusion involved, and I will speak to the host why I can’t be a part of a conference.
  2. EDUCATE: I will continue reading, following, and learning from BIPOC influencers, authors, and educators. As a teacher, I will create a dynamic, diverse, inclusive environment within the class. I will expose scholars to a diverse set of literature throughout the year.
  3. MONEY: I will research before I spend it. I plan on spending money at businesses that are owned by BIPOC.
    Three resources: WeBuyBlack, The Black Wallet, and Official Black Wall Street
  4. EVALUATE: I will be more involved in my community when it comes to investing in social justice nonprofits, and education programs for youth.
    Interesting: and The Freedom Center for Social Justice:
  5. CONVOS: I will continue to have uncomfortable conversations with my friends, family, and coworkers. People must be aware that systemic racism has to be brought up for there to be a conscious change.
Fierce Women LLC – Company
This section is detailing what Fierce Women will actively do to bring awareness to Black Lives Matter, and racial injustice.
  1. Educate Every 4-6 weeks there will be a book or article that centers around social justice to talk about with subscribers and followers. The first book is “The New Jim Crow” (Look for purchasing books at a local Black-owned book store #byeamazon).
  2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Have material and host conversations that reach a larger audience. Specifically include race discussions.
  3. Research and share news: It’s valuable to amplify voices that are not my own.
  4. Fundraising: Fierce Women is dedicated to donating 10% of proceeds to nonprofits, so as a company we will support more organizations that support BIPOC communities, social justice, and education.
  5. Inclusive Language Marketing: In emails and posting Fierce Women will become more inclusive when using language throughout their outreach.
It’s a lot, but it’s important to prioritize, write it out, and put intentional action behind what you’re saying. Be aware of what you’re doing to be anti-racist and to create change.
I’m committed!
Now, let’s do this — we’ve got work to do.
With love,
Ashley Monroe

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