My Daily Routine For a Successful Day

My Daily Routine: For a Successful Day

[Motivating you to set daily and weekly goals to help keep you on track]

As a wife, teacher, blogger, and motivational speaker I am constantly sticking making a To-Do List. I am delegating my time to the most important tasks to help me be successful. With the many hats that I wear, I prioritize what is most important to me. I think about how I am affecting others. I think about who is relying on me to meet deadlines, create, or speak for. In this blog I will try to categorize my routine and priorities how I visualize it in my head.

Steps in a daily routine that create success:
1. Daily Goals
2. Affirmations
3. Minor To-Do Lists
4. Time Chunking
5. Structured Routine
6. Intentional Actions

My routine may not be similar to yours, but we all have different elements that make us busy. Here are daily things in my routine that set me up for success:

  • Writing my daily goals. (When I do this it’s setting my routine up to shape around the major goal. Therefore, every action I perform in my day, will hopefully be centered around this main goal.)
  • Writing, speaking, and thinking words of affirmations. (This is such a powerful tool to include in your routine, because it’s going to keep you in a growth mindset. It’s instant positivity to yourself when times get tough.)
  • Writing my minor to-do’s within my daily routine. (There are times in my day when I have “extra” time. This is when I can be working on the minor things in my life…like house chores, grocery store run, or a nap for recovering.)
  • Time chunking my daily routine into an excel sheet or agenda. (A routine isn’t a routine without a time stamp. It’s important to work on things in a timely manner, but also stick to it, so that you actually move on from one task to another.)
  • Keeping to my structured routine creates healthy, positive habits. (Don’t waiver on your routine. Commit to your routine)
  • Being intentional with all my actions. (This comes at the end, because it should bring everything full circle. With everything you should be intentionally trying to achieve your main goal.)

Wifey/Self-Love Duties: I don’t want you to think that there is an negative connotation with the word duties, because this is my FAVORITE roll to date. I have been able to step up my “wifey” duties a whole lot more and I love it. It’s a form of caring, showing love and appreciation, and it makes me feel good. Here are some of the things I do in this category:
-Make the bed
-Make breakfast
-Wash my face and brush my teeth *good hygiene, especially when I have time.
-Make lunch
-Make or get dinner
-Laundry, regularly
-Grocery Shop
-Bug my husband while he works from home too.

Doing these things…the mundane … but the necessary…and sometimes enjoyable things create routine and structure. Routine makes me feel sane when the world doesn’t.

Teacher Life: 

We are still living in a pandemic and are still in Phase Two of transitioning back into large, face-to-face instruction.  I am working from home. I’m a senior English Teacher for the CMS school district in NC. Everything is virtual right now, but the district has made plans to go back to face to face instruction at the end of December. 

I have to categorize my priorities when it comes to how I spend my time working on my grading, teaching, lesson planning. Being at home has created an opportunity for me to have more “me” time. There are some positives: classroom management is a whole lot different. The down sides are not being able to give student’s paper copies, tangible text books, seeing their smiling faces, and having that personal repertoire. 

The work load seems to be heavier too, because I have to make sure they are participating everyday. Where if we were in person, I would be able to know. 

I always write my lesson plans down on paper. I chunk my time out for lessons and grading. There are nights where I will take about two hours to grade, but it’s not so bad. I’m used to having 190+ students, but now it’s broken down to just 85. So grading is not so bad. 

Another positive is bathroom breaks, longer breaks in between classes, and I can actually eat lunch! 

It will be nice to go back to school soon so there is the personal aspect. 

Blogger Life: Thankfully, I have a work computer and a personal computer, so my husband and I have been able to work efficiently. As my website gets some major renovations, I have been trying to write a blog every other day. Right now I have four in my drafts including this one. I’m so excited to share encouragement and tips with you on how to live a fierce life. I don’t think people think about the amount of time that goes into blogging. My goal is to have three weeks of blogs planned and post a new one every week, so I can keep a head of the game.
-Idea Collection -25 minutes looking up SEO and Google analytics
-Draft 30 minutes
-Write 1.5 hours.
-Picture take/collection
-Template and layout design
-hashtag search.
-Email subscribers

Further Research

As a Fierce woman you should always practice self development through intentional research. Always a learner.

When looking at personal and professional development for myself I always research for myself. Here are a few blogs that I found exceptionally helpful in my own planning and prioritizing:




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