I’m Ashley Monroe. I’m a fierce woman, speaker, blogger, teacher, coach, and wifey to my amazing husband Travis. I live in the South Park area of Charlotte, NC where I build upon my businesses. I never stop dreaming big and love cheering people on. Some fun facts about me: I LOVE coffee, I like to work out here and there, I’m a high school English teacher, and I have lived in Saudi Arabia, Spokane WA, and Charlotte, NC.

However, here, I am probably most well-known for Fierce Women’s community on Instagram and Facebook. I’m most proud of my online courses, my ongoing Fierce women Podcast, “Coffee and Conversation,” and my blogs on all things Fierce. I am most passionate about is speaking with ambitious women about how to overcome adversity in their life.

Through every platform I have; blogging, courses, empowering posts, podcast episodes, I have had one intention… to equip women to be fierce. I want to give everyone the skills to become their best self. After overcoming sexual assault, I paved the way for my future by setting goals and being intentional with my actions. I have a message of survival, fierce mindsets, and victory.

Ashley Monroe

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Recent Events

Discussion on Racial Injustice

A unique conversation with strangers across America to build bridges to create much-needed dialogue on race inequalities and injustice in America. We discussed our present reaction to current events, past experience with racism or discrimination in our own environment, surprises we’ve seen in reaction to the movement happening right now, and address ways we believe can help fix this.

Five Reasons to Hire Motivational Speaker:
Ashley Monroe

Unique Perspective

Reasons to hire Ashley Monroe: Unique Perspective

Ashley creates a fresh, positive spin on common challenges women face, personally and professionally. Through her autobiographical stories, she draws similarities to what all women go through; by letting others know they are not alone. She has an optimistic approach to failures that will motivate women through their self-doubts and shift their mindset into a strong one. Ashley has been teaching for five years and knows how to engage a crowd with engagement and charisma.

Motivating and Inspiring

Reasons to hire Ashley Monroe: Motivating and Inspiring

Ashley motivates the audience to learn from her life experiences, reflect on their own, and pursue their goals with intentional action. She engages the audience with relatable stories and adds a twist of humor in her own mistakes. Adding her dynamic flavor to engage the audience through poll taking, reactive quizzes, and group chats she makes everyone feel involved. You will leave feeling empowered, like a boss, and fierce.

Problem Solution Workshop

Reasons to hire Ashley Monroe: Problem Solution Workshop​

Let’s take our problems and make solutions. Enough people are complaining about what isn’t working for their life. Whether through keynote speeches, or workshops, Ashley knows how to take an everyday problem and come up with a tactful, intentional solution. She will give you a broken-down, step-by-step process to get you where you need to be. She provides courses and graphic organizers (templates) that will help your work through the analysis of what you should do next. Her philosophy is that if something isn’t working, and if it isn’t making you happy, it’s time to embrace “fierce evolution.”

Customized Talk

Reasons to hire Ashley Monroe: Customized Talk​
Ashley wants to motivate and affect her audience the best she can, and for her to do that, she has to get to know who you are (business, organization, school, small group, or 1-on-1). Customized talks, workshops, and coaching are what you need if you want the time to be meaningful. She will have a presentation just for you. She will speak with you before your event to make sure it is clear what you expect to get out of it. Then she will share with you how she’s going to achieve that vision. Ashley will work with you during the event to make sure things run smoothly, and she will work with you after the event. There is an opportunity to share on social media: pictures to promote your event, and even conduct video interviews to highlight the main areas of the event. Ashley is there to make it the best experience possible.

Compels you to Action

Reasons to hire Ashley Monroe: Compels you to Action​

From where you are sitting, you need some type of change within your life, job, company, school, or group. With the skills, that Ashley goes through creating a vision, setting goals, finding self-motivation, becoming more self-confident, you will be motivated to make a change for your life. It will not only make you reflect but propel you into action. You will see the potential your life has and will transform the way you act to better your life.

-->Your Eyes will Be Open to a New Perspective: Fierce over Fear

-->You will Be Motivated to Make a Change: Fierce Evolution

--> You will Relate to Ashley’s Life Experience and Realize there is a Solution to your Problems

-->Motivational Speech that is unique to your Life, Work Space, or Industry

--> You will Be Inspired to Make a Positive Change in your Life: Fierce

-->You will be motivated to act on your dreams and goals, and Ashley’s there to say, “YOU ARE CAPABLE!”


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