2020 Mottos

WWW – LLL – Eat. Pray. Love.

Three mottos I can encompass today. The mantras of communities in crisis, global pandemics, and mental health issues, rings true for everyone today. Fierce Women LLC has been committed to creating a motivated, inspirational, positive feed for women around the world living out their best life. It has been a challenging time for everyone as we pursue work, family, and goals in a time of death, unrest, and new normal(s). Let’s search and navigate these mantras and how you can apply them to your life right now.
Wear a mask, Wait 6ft, Wash your Hands
This motto applies to the pandemic, Covid-19, social distancing, and quarantine. Today I was watching the news and these are the, “three W’s” to follow. At the beginning of this pandemic, people were fearful of the unknown. People didn’t like the idea of staying at home for so long. The news was always about the numbers. Numbers told us how many people contracted the illness, how many died, and how much closer we were to reopen the economy. A lot of business owners were running short and had to close down. We all learned to order take out, stock up on groceries, and exercise indoors. The impatient nature of our society pushed and pushed, and we entered phase one and then onto Phase two. Slowly increasing the things people can do. While we are, “released” we can do more, meet with more people, and the numbers for contracting and dying keep going up. Yet from my recognition, the fear levels have gone down for many.
From my own experience, I have gone back to working part-time, and the public has gotten careless. People don’t wear masks, don’t wash their hands, and don’t know how to safely social distance. I don’t know what the future for us, and I don’t know if anyone does at this point. However, I will always wear a mask, keep my distance, and wash my hands every 30 minutes. If these are the only three things that can protect me while I am out, then you can count me in.
Learn, Listen, Love
America became awake to a serious crisis that is long overdue when it comes to bringing attention to racism. WE NEED CHANGE. There is an uprising that is much-needed, and it’s concerning race relations, police brutality on minorities, and equality for African Americans. It’s nothing new to the African American community to see deaths, hear racist commentary, or know-how poorly they are treated daily. Racism is embedded in our democracy. I hope that America doesn’t hit the snooze button on their wake up call. During our stay at home order, Americans were doing nothing other than working, watching TV, and getting on social media. When the death of Ahmaud Arbery hit our eyes we all saw the injustice. Then we saw George Floyd. It was traumatic. It was murder. It was awful. America couldn’t sit by and let the police get away with it. Protests started. Social media protests started. People started shifting their posts. Shifting their mindset. Racial education of the injustices right in the palm of our hands, there is no excuse for ignorance. Then Breonna Taylor. The news kept processing the murders happening. People are committing to this movement. This is no longer a moment in time, no longer a hashtag, this is change in culture. A learning opportunity. This is intentional learning and listening. White America wants to amplify African American voices, and joined in the Black Lives Matter Movement, showing love in their own ways. Some people showed their support, by educating, by donating, by speaking out, by diversifying their Netflix shows, ordering new books; there are many ways and we are still seeing ripple effects from this.
I do encourage this motto.
Learn what you can and apply it to your:
-voting preferences
Listen to a diverse group of perspectives and apply it to your:
-business conversations
-own way of living
Love people: It’s that simple.
Eat, Pray, Love, is the last motto. My own. Of course, I took it from the book by Elizabeth Gilbert. The backdrop of the story includes a woman who stops living in a society that laid the expectations of womanhood on her, and focused on three themes in her life: eating, praying, and loving – all set in three different cultures. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel and eat different foods and experience different cultures. The main character also introduces herself to different religions and ways of loving. I respect the story because I think that it takes a fierce mindset to be open to diversity in one’s life.
It’s a way of living that I think is rejuvenating, reflective, self-loving, and giving. Fierce Women is dedicated to a strong mind, never giving up, and pursuing your goals. Valuing your goals is so very important, but I never want you to lose sight of your “why.” When we are constantly pursuing our goals, we sometimes lose sight of the things going on around us… and sometimes those things impact the people we love. There will be times when we have to pause on our goals, or maybe pause what is expected of us and become open to “new.”
During a health pandemic, racial unrest, and my business I find that it’s important that I eat, pray, and love. Break bread with others with different viewpoints and be open to new understandings. Pray for my own heart, biases, and “normal”. Pray for relationships that could be damaged through new opinions. Pray for leadership in companies, life, and work. Pray for the world. Pray for the hearts of people who hold hatred. Learn new ways of thinking. Love. Love the process of the ups and downs. I appreciate the love that God grants me because I feel I fall short of the kind of love He gives.
By doing these three things in my life, I hope that I become fiercer than I was before all these things happened. Growing in faith, humility, and grace.

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